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Why Build with Earth?


Smaller Carbon Footprint

Earthen materials are locally available and require less energy to process, transport, maintain, and recycle or re-purpose at the end of a building's lifespan. As a result, earthen buildings have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than conventional structures.


More Energy Efficient

Earthen structures require less air conditioning and operational energy than conventional buildings due to their high thermal mass and ability to store heat and modulate daily temperature changes.


Healthy and Comfortable

The clay in earthen walls interacts with the water vapor in air to modulate the humidity in interior spaces to help maintain a comfortable humidity level. The mass walls provide a quieter environment with lower sound transmission levels from external sources and between rooms. Earthen buildings are also non-toxic, non allergenic, and provide a healthier indoor environment than ordinary buildings.


Aesthetically Appealing 

Earthen interiors are inviting, touchable, and calming. Whether rough or smooth textured finish, earthen walls provide a unique ambiance, a strong human connection.


Strong and Resilient

Earthen buildings are fireproof, pest, mold, and tornado resistant. They can be designed, built, and maintained to last hundreds of years.

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