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The ECI Board meets on the first Tuesday of the month. After the Board meeting, we usually have an informational presentation, Members Present!  We also host workshops, guest speakers, and social events where you can meet and learn from earthen enthusiasts.  See below for upcoming meetings and events.

              Members Present! Zoom meeting:

Check out our YouTube for past Members Present! events!

Tone Truong - Farming for Microbes: Techniques for Soil Regeneration ECI Members Presents 04/03/19:

C. Michael Donoghue - Solum et Sano: A Cautionary Tale of Soil and Health 03/21/19:

“Greenest Home of the Year - What is it like?” - ECI Members Presents 02/09/19:

ECI Members Presents Ron Evans of De la Tierra 12/6/18:

Ron Evans of De la Tierra Earthen Express 12/6/18:

Christine Westerman Biomimicry: Learning from Nature in Building and Landscape 12/04/18:

Joe Uranga Pass it Forward Lessons from an Earthen Plasterer 10/13/18:

ECI Presents Esteban Barboza 09/15/18:

Earthen Construction Initiative - Adam Word Gates 09/10/18:
Earthen Construction Initiative - Teresa Lopez 08/23/18:

ECI Members Present: David Hannan Jr - Embracing the Adobe 06/08/18:
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