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Our Story
A group from Central Texas, led by Stephen Colley, decided to form the Earthen Construction Initiative after attending EarthUSA 2015 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This group envisioned an organization that would be a resource to designers, builders, government agencies, and anyone interested in accurate, science-based information on a range of earthen construction technologies.
Pictured from left to right: Michael Donoghue, Stephen Colley, Lauran Drown, Celia Mendoza, Beverly Donoghue, and Jim Hallock.
What's next?
ECI was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization effective February 24, 2016. 
ECI is dedicated to advancing the appreciation and science of earthen construction through monthly presentations / demos, guest lectures, workshops, and research. Our recent successes and current initiatives include:
  • City of San Antonio code amendments to address earthen construction;
  • Development of testing standards and best practices;
  • Research on hygrothermal effects on interior air quality.
We also sponsor and support the following organizations and events:
  • EarthUSA biennial conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Solar Fest, San Antonio, Texas
  • The Earthbuilders Guild, New Mexico

Moving forward, ECI is working on workshops geared both to families and to construction professionals, and accelerating our research program.  

Board of Directors
stephen board shot.jpeg
lauran board shot.jpeg
Stephen Colley
Lauran Drown
Vice President
celia board shot.jpeg
Celia Mendoza
Beverly Donoghue
Board Member
Photo Aug 01, 7 22 09 EZ.jpg
Erin Zayko
board shot.jpg
Ron Evans
Board Member



ECI's volunteer committees are crucial in helping to advance our mission and vision.



  • Conduct research on earthen materials, assemblies, and structures

  • Recommend code modifications for safe, durable earthen construction


  • Plan and conduct presentations and hands-on workshops for a variety of audiences

  • Plan and conduct hands-on workshops for a variety of audiences

  • Develop and conduct online courses



  • Develop, maintain, monitor, and refine social media, including website

  • Handle media relations

  • Coordinate outreach campaigns

  • Run speaker's bureau

​Fundraising / Board Development

  • Plan fundraising events and activities

  • Develop grant proposals and applications

  • Solicit sponsors for projects

  • Recruit new board members and donors


We need your help!
ECI is an all volunteer organization.
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